Fernando Correia was born in São Paulo, SP in 1982. Since childhood he has been in contact with the practice of painting, which delights him deeply and defines his professional career. In parallel, his trajectory through elementary and high school inserts the young artist in the complexity and plurality of the Brazilian social panorama.

In 2001, seeking to complement his studies with a market perspective, he joined the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing. In 2004 he locks his enrollment and starts a residency in Ilhabela looking for an immersive and highly productive artistic practice. In 2006 he returned to São Paulo and completed his degree in 2007.

He maintains his residency in Ilhabela until 2012 when he develops a new research front: pattern studies. Initially inspired by the geometries of nature, these studies do not cease when he returns to São Paulo in 2012 where he currently lives and works problematizing other national and international geometric traditions.

In 2020, he joined the Faculty of Arts Santa Marcelina and again expanded his artistic research fronts, which started to incorporate flat sculptures and architectural interventions while presenting and commercializing his production together with a growing and diverse network of partners among curators, gallery owners and auctioneers.


Fernando Correia proposes a unique archeology of Brazilian cultural identity through the review of historical movements marked by formal research and their interconnections in space and time.

In an exercise of cultural otherness through the grammar of forms, Correia rigorously analyzes the global resonance of the neo-concrete tropical cry. He problematizes not only the subtlety of the forms, but the resistance of the political residues that guide these aesthetic manifestations.

He started from a process that was born as a destination and became, in the most recent series, vocabulary of personal fictions that inhabit or proposes a courageous revision of the traditions that the artist deconstructs.



Sonho Intenso, Fibra Galeria, São Paulo, 2013

Individual: Photograph of paintings and an original painting  – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) – São Paulo, 2003.

Drawings and Paintings / Fundação Nacional da Arte, São Paulo, 2001

Group and Fairs

1o Salão on-line Galeria do Instituto Brasil EUA (IBEU), 2020

47o Salão Primavera de Artes, Museu de Arte Moderna de Resende, winner of Prize Altamiro Pimenta, Resende, RJ, 2019

Feira Parte 2018, AR Escritório de Arte, Clube Hebraica, São Paulo SP

Coletiva Eikones, Centro Cultural Patrícia Galvão, Santos, 2018

5° Salão de Outono França- Brasil da América Latina, Galeria Marta Traba, Memorial da América Latina, 2017

41° Salão de arte contemporânea de Santo André, Casa do Olhar Luiz Sacilotto, 2013

Salão de Novos Talentos da 43a Chapel Art Show – Chapel School, curated by Adriana Estrela – São Paulo, 2012.

Collective exhibition Semente on Fibra Galeria – São Paulo, 2012

London Art Fair 2007, participation in the stand of Long and Ryle Gallery, Londres, 2007.

II Prêmio Maimeri on Liceu de Artes e Ofícios, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, 1999

University education

Advertising and publicity, on Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (E.S.P.M.) de São Paulo / SP, em 2007

Visual Arts, 3° semester on Faculdade Santa Marcelina, in 2021


Extra curricular courses attended

Realistic drawing 2017-19, teacher Maria José Leite, Ateliê Contra-ponto de Arte Figurativa

Espelho Fragmentado, presentation and discussion of contemporary artists, special graduate student of  Artes Visuais, com prof. Geraldo Dias, ECA, USP, 2017

Free Engraving Printing Course with  Valdir Flores – Sesc Pompéia, 2013.

Reflexões sobre Pintura, com Paulo Pasta, Instituto Tomie Otahke, 2013

Cultural Marketing, E.S.P.M, 2003